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Formed in 2000, winefantastic is an independent on-trade wine merchant specialising in upgrading the wines offered in pubs in East Anglia and Kent by-the-glass. We do this by training staff, creating marketing material and of course providing delicious wine! We operate a reliable in-house delivery service and can also supply Restaurants, Clubs and style Bars - in fact anyone with an on-licence who is interested in fantastic wine.

We also have an online store selling directly to the public at

Although at opposite ends of the supply chain, the customers and wine producers with whom we work are largely similar in profile. Generally small businesses, often family owned and managed, they all work in fiercely competitive markets and employ passion and energy to compete against size and power. Our business endeavours to appeal equally to producers and customers and we enjoy the support of both.

Our wines, while not always totally exclusive to us, are not easily found in the UK wholesale trade and are certainly not offered by the multiple retailers - we don’t ship Supermarket Brands. Instead, we play to our strength as a smaller importer, seeking out the more interesting drinks that are often produced in quantities too small for the more “powerful” buyers to work with. By procuring wines that are not available to those buyers, we create an angle and can compete effectively both on price and quality. With only one or two exceptions, we ship everything direct, and in many cases we are the sole UK importer; our list is thus becoming increasingly useful to the local restaurant trade as well as pubs.

Difficult trading conditions mean working a little harder, and we have been busy finding new and interesting producers with whom we can work. Our intention is to continue enabling customers to upgrade their by-the-glass offer with these new products. Amongst our more successful customers, we are seeing a pattern of constant upwards pushing in price and quality. It is virtually impossible to offer a quality wine in a pub for £2.50 for 175ml, so why try? Surely a superb wine at £3.50 is better for everyone. Drinker especially.

As ever, you don't need to be a wine buff to use us. We specialise in helping non-wine-experts to retail profitably. It's what we do best.

Finally, thank you to our existing customers for using us. New customers are most welcome to join in!