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Blog 7th April 2011

A tasting at the office, "Vista Collina" ... & a shop?

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Posted by: catherine

Office Tasting

Tasted a range of samples with the entire team this week.

They included some slightly peculiar Tuscan wines from the Dievole winery. I liked them for their quirkiness but it was not unanimous that the Chianti was better than the encumbent Scopetani on our list. They are dearer too. Think I'll wait until we have cleared out some old stock before I take the leap.

Also tasted were samples from the large Italian winery I mentioned in the ProWein post. Encouraging that the samples turned up promptly as promised - the success of a "bottom-ender" like this requires an efficient contact at the winery with whom we can actually do business (make a note Vinos SAAC!). The wines themselves were extemely adequate considering the price and the target market. More under "Vista Collina"


Vista Collina

The name of our new entry-level wine is Vista Collina after a number of less suitable names were discarded. A beautiful line drawing of an Italian hillside scene has been produced by John Sallows, the official winefantastic artist. Waiting for a proof label now and then the first (enormous!) order is going in. Although not specifically aiming at existing, wine-savvy customers, this product will compete head-on with other, cheaper "house" wines offered by our competitors.

This wine is not a game-changer and nor is it the way forward for wine consumption in the UK. It is merely a way for us to compete where quality is less important than price. As an example, our varietal Aromo range at a higher price remain much better "value".



We have submitted an offer for a shop unit in Felixstowe! It appears to have been informally accepted.

The name of this new venture has not been finalised yet but we are anticipating a late May opening.

Initially, the aim is to dispose of overstocks and binends but our usual wines will be mostly on offer too at prices (the same level at which our wholesale , on-trade customers are encouraged to do off-sales).

It will also operate as a wholesale cash and carry for the local area.

Look out for news of the grand opening.